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Really, really...

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So it happened. The dreaded "aha" moment for one of our clients who didn't jump when we said jump and now they're paying for it. We've been working with this client for what seems like forever trying to get them to act on the needed server replacement before their server crashed. Again and again we told them how they're living on borrowed time. They went from 3 servers down to 2 then down to 1 - each one failing. We even met with them to go over the "really, really" story - about how a client once told us that it was our fault they hadn't taken us seriously enough because we didn't say "really, really" when talking about how serious of a situation they were in (as in "you really need to replace your server before it fails") . We kept telling them this was really serious and still they didn't grasp the severity of their situation. And when they crashed, they managed to blame us because we didn't say "really, really". Lliterally - they said it was our fault because we only used one "really" and that had we said "really, really" they then would have taken us seriously.

So, now our support team is running around frantic trying to help them as best we can given the fact that their machine is just simply failing. We're now in the state of having to rebuild their Exchange Server and related Active Directory meta data. While we have backups, this really isn't how it should be. This is the sort of situation that our move to Managed Services is preventing for our other clients.

While it's a given how impactful this is going to be to their business, the saddest part is how preventable all of this could have been. I wish this was one of those Managed Service success stories where our monitoring system found symptoms and we addressed them before it became a crisis. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those stories - only because the business owner didn't care to hear us. This is a case where no matter what we did, it still wasn't enough. And now he's paying for it with major down-time and unwarranted extra fees. And yet, he's still wondering why they're down.

Sometimes, we just have to scratch our heads...really.

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Craig Pollack
Craig Pollack Blog Profile Image Craig is the Founder & CEO of FPA Technology Services, Inc. Craig provides the strategy and direction for FPA, ensuring its clients, their business owners, and key decision makers leverage technology most effectively to achieve their business objectives. Craig focuses on ensuring that the technologies implemented by clients are "business centric" and key components of their businesses' success, and that this approach is shared by every staff member of FPA.
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